Saturday, January 19, 2008

Basketweave Wash Cloth

This was a super busy week. Buying a new cargo van and working on the renovations at the shop. I got a chance to relax a little bit, as I have written that in as a requirement, to rest more.

This is a rather simple project that I just decided to do while watching some tv. I needed a new wash cloth and have always loved the basketweave stitch so I decided to make a new wash cloth using some super thick organic cotton. It only took about an hour to make, and it is a larger washcloth measuring 10"x10", and like I said, it is really thick. I used a size K hook, and as you can see, this has not been blocked yet.
I liked it so much I am planning on making more and adding them into inventory at the shop.


Karla said...

I like the basket-weave pattern too. It looks great as a washcloth.

Deborah said...

I often give these as gifts wound around a special soap!

Sheila said...

Like the basket weave cloth. You've inspired me to get started on washcloths, although my mom has requested some since last